Attacknids Battle Bots to the fore!


There is nothing quite like seeing robots slug it out in a messy fight with one another, and this is what the £69.99 Attacknids Battle Bots are all about. Forget about the stuff that you see on the silver screen such as Transformers and Real Steel, you can use your imagination with the Attacknids Battle Bots right in your living room itself.

The Attacknids will sport full 360º rotation and a fully synchronized ‘walking’ action, so that there is no need to rely on sneaky wheels, while the intuitive control system will enable you to change direction as well as tactics in a jiffy, responding in an agile manner so that you will be able to gain the upper hand in a battle at that crucial moment.

Sporting a Bolt’n’Battle weapons system alongside ‘exploding’ combat armor that goes flying when registering a hit, you can be sure that this is as real as it gets, without having to go back to a workshop and fix everything up thereafter. It will take three direct hits to the Battle Brain command centre in order to disable the Attacknid, signalling the victor in the process.

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