IRIScan Express 3 portable scanner


We have seen our fair share of portable scanners in the past, and I do admit that these little buggers come in extremely handy. After all, we do intend to move towards a paperless society, and with the number of receipts as well as business cards that one needs to keep track of each day (being busy little bees and all), having a portable scanner makes plenty of sense. You need not have to figure out just what kind of stuff you will need to throw away in order to make more room for a new collection of receipts and documents that you think are important. Just scan both sides of a receipt, stash the receipts away, and when there is no more room, recycle those – after all, you still carry a digital copy with you. Well, here we are with yet another option for those who are in the market for a portable scanner – the IRIScan Express 3.

The IRIScan Express 3 is touted to be a compact and lightweight device which is powered by a USB port, and being travel-sized, this multi-purpose color scanner should be able to get the job done just about wherever you are.

Jean-Marc Fontaine, Director of Sales and Operations, I.R.I.S. Americas, said, “With our portable scanning solutions combined with our OCR we aim to increase efficiencies across all aspects of life – work, home or play. The IRIScan Express 3 simplifies all of your retyping needs, whether you’re at home, on the road or in the office.”

You will not find it too much of a hassle to bring the IRIScan Express 3 around with you, as it was constantly stressed that it was specially designed for ultimate portability, measuring a mere 1.3” x 9.7” x 1.9“. This makes the IRIScan Express 3 an easy fit into the majority of purses, backpacks or laptop cases. Apart from that, the IRIScan Express 3 will also come bundled with Readiris Pro 12 (for PC and Mac), a powerful OCR solution designed to save time when converting paper documents, PDFs or image files into editable and searchable digital text.

Those who are interested will be able to pick up the IRIScan Express 3 for $99 a pop.

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