The Ultimate Weekend Bag


Getting out of town for a weekend to recharge the batteries does wonders. Some of us opt for outdoors while others just want to relax. Some like to visit family or friends, some go solo. Some travel by air, others by bus or train (or bike or feet). But one thing our getaways have in common is the need to pack a variety of stuff. Clothes, sports gear, toiletries, gadgets. It is rare to find a bag that meets all needs. But we think the Skooba Laptop Weekender, $179.99 at Brookstone, may be the perfect solution.

The Weekender has a rectangular, gym bag look. The main compartment provides plenty of space for a few days of clothing or even sports equipment. What makes the Weekender unique are the four zip down compartments on the sides. One end perfectly stores most 15” laptops. It contains Skooba’s exclusive Bumper Bar™ protection on the sides and bottom for extra cushioning. And for the airplane travelers the laptop is easily accessible for security checks. The other end of the bag provides a tablet space. The longer sides contain space for files and phones or smaller devices. In total the Weekender has 12 compartments or pockets – plenty to keep you organized on your short journey. And of course it will easily fit in standard commercial overhead bins. So prepare yourself for you next quick trip, and rest assured that your belongings will be safe and sound in the Skooba Laptop Weekender.

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