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I’m pretty sure I have more house than I need. Let’s face it, we live in 3 rooms, the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom… the rest of the house just sits there empty, just in case we need it, like if someone comes to visit, or for the occasional formal dining holiday that usually requires a dust off of the china cabinet and the buffet server. I daydream about the vacations I could be taking, and the things I could be doing if we weren’t paying for this house…

Well, please check out Molecule Tiny Homes, a tiny house building company. Molecule Tiny Homes designs, and builds tiny custom houses, on flat bed trailers. Tiny houses are cute, beautiful and incredibly efficient housing options that reduce your impact on our environment and on your wallet.

Keeping in mind that all the Tiny houses are fully customizable, the standard Tiny house is built using conventional techniques with a wood frame, plywood subfloors, metal roofing, and a variety of siding choices from redwood to t1-11 (rough sawn plywood) to board and batten.  Your house comes complete with a propane range/oven, sink, shower, toilet and even a bathtub. Everything you would have in your normal sized home is available to you, and functions as it normally would.

No, you dont need to leave your new Tiny Home on the trailer, it can be designed to un-bolt and be place where you want it, but isn’t the fact that you can just pick up and go part of your new scaled down lifestyle? You can check out pictures and videos of the inside of these Tiny Homes at and you can own one from 20K to 80K depending on how elaborate you want your Tiny Home to be… Now I just gotta figure out where I’m going to put the piano.

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