Full Phrase Talking Translator


Don’t you think that language is a wonderful thing? I personally think so, and have a great admiration for people who seem to have the knack of picking up languages just like that, and they can rattle off fluently in a room full of different nationalities, speaking to them in their own heart language without nary a mistake. For lesser mortals like me, there is always an electronic device out there which could help me out in a potentially tight spot, especially when I am in an unfamiliar country or territory. Enter the $249.95 Full Phrase Talking Translator, where this model will translate and articulate full phrases and words typed on its keyboard instead of just concentrating on individual words.

The Full Phrase Talking Translator is able to instantly display translations to and from English for 210,000 common travel phrases, or rather, 1.8 million words in 24 European languages, three Asian languages, English, Arabic, or Hindi. The dictionary that powers this translator would be the New Oxford American Dictionary, and it is smart enough to maintain a history of searched terms so that you can create a favorites list for commonly used phrases. It won’t take up too much space in your luggage when you travel either, as it roughly measures the size of a smartphone. Just make sure you carry a pair of AAA batteries to have it function as spares on your travels.

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