3D Movie Viewer for iPhone

So you have just gotten yourself the spanking new iPhone 5, and think that it is the best thing since, well, the iPhone 4S. All right, so you are an Apple fanboy at heart, and think that Cupertino is able to do no wrong. I cannot fault you for that as Apple has one of the more impressive corporate marketing machines around, but if there is one area where the iPhone 5 fears to tread, it would be the world of 3D. Fret not, as there are always third party accessories out there that can always help you out – case in point, the £12.99 3D Movie Viewer for iPhone.
Similar to its humble predecessor, the stereoscopic View-Master, the 3D Movie Viewer for iPhone works as named. It is capable of effectively translating the YouTube 3D format by directing the left/right images to the appropriate eyeball, allowing these YouTube videos to be so lifelike, you might even catch yourself reaching out in an attempt to touch the screen. All you need to do is slip your iPhone into the hand-held viewer and let your eyeballs drop their jaws in wonder, if they had jaws to begin with.

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  1. Does this work with ShowMe3D? I know ShowMe3D works with the similar Hasbro my3D viewer. (ShowMe3D is an iOS app that lets you take and view 3D photos with your iphone’s camera and screen)

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