Wag Your Tail


When you woke up this morning I bet you said to yourself “darn, if I only had a tail to wag.” OK, maybe not. But the concept is out there!

Launched at the end of last year by, NeuroSky – makers of Neurowear – was the Necomimi mind controlled cat ears. Distribution to the US began this summer. And as my Coolest Gadget writing friend Edwin said “…it would have been nice to see a mentally controlled tail appendage to go along with the pair of ears.” Good call Edwin! NeuroSky recently released a video on their latest project, Shippo, the mind controlled tail. Based on NeuroSky’s ThinkGear technology, user’s brainwaves are measured by a sensor which passes signals to the tail device. When relaxed it moves “soft and slow” and if concentrating it moves “hard and fast.” As you’ll see in the video – happiness apparently takes concentration. Wish I got that excited about flowers. Like with the ears you can tag yourself and your mood on Foursquare as you go. The company made a splash in the cosplay world with the Necomimi and although only in development, the Shippo proves to do the same. Stay tuned for launch details!


Thanks: CNET

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