Paparazzo: iPhone Flash-tastic for both Pics and Video

The iPhone is far from perfect, but I have to admit its a pretty handy tool. I remember not so long ago that I often missed out on pictures or video of a whole host of things, from my daughters first steps, to an amazing bar fight and what to this day, I swear was an alien abduction. I simply didnt have a camera with me. Now that I have an iPhone I am prepared. I just wish the flash was a little more, well, professional.
Check out the Paparazzo concept, designed with fun in mind, the Paparazzo was meant to pick up where your stand alone iPhone leaves off. With a retro look and feel this flash accessory is easy to use and will give you professional results not only in your front and rear facing picture taking, but in your video shots as well.
With a 300 Lumen LED, you can even adjust the light for both your photos and your videos from zero to full brightness, using only what you need and avoiding dreaded flash washout (ever have an iPhone pic where your intended has no discernible nose?) simply dial the light up or down for your photo or video from zero to full bright and don’t worry about killing your battery, the Paparazzo packs its own.
Yes, the Paparazzo can be used with almost any standard tripod and it has three modes dedicated to photo, video, or brightness adjustments which can be easily selected with the push of a button. Developers are working on an integrated app and one that is compatible with the iPhone 5. It’s just a concept for now, but if you like the idea you need to let them know at You can count me in, just for the movie light alone.