iRobot Looj 330 – Don’t Drag the Ladder


We’ve covered the Looj before, the first time it seems we thought it was a bit of a novelty item. Then it was redesigned and it looked as though the Looj might actually emerge as a pretty nifty tool. Well, the folks over at iRobot stuck with it and with the last update the Looj 330 is simply smarter and better than ever before, so forget dragging the ladder around your house this fall and check this out.

iRobot, the same folks that brought you the Roomba robot vacuum have perfected the robotic gutter cleaner. This little beast can clean up to 30 feet of gutter in about 5 minutes and can swipe past about 200 linear feet on a single charge. Using a handy remote control, you can drive this leaf hungry menace much further along your house than ever before. Get the job done faster, and more importantly… safely.

The Looj works by using a unique combination of onboard tools, like the high velocity 4 stage auger which breaks apart gutter clogs and then tosses them out of your gutters, and the new scraper and sweeper system that brushes out the remaining debris.Waterproof and able to be cleaned with a simple spray of your garden hose, you have directional control of both the Looj and the auger, and this models new lower profile allows you to clean more gutter types than ever before.

How much have you been paying to have someone come clean out your gutters? or worse yet, have you been up on that ladder yourself? At 299 bucks the Looj 330 may be just what you need. Check out for ordering information.

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