Samsung MV900F SMART Camera announced


When it comes to the world of digital cameras, you have three tiers to choose from – professionals will settle for the dSLRs as well as Micro Four Thirds for certain jobs, while there is the pro-sumer class of cameras that can be said to be “neither here nor there”, and last but not least, the entry level class which is where most beginners would start off with. Samsung’s latest attempt in the digital camera market would target the entry level segment with the Samsung MV900F SMART camera, where it is said to offer a high-performing lens that works well even in low light conditions, without breaking the bank in the process.

The Samsung MV900F will be the latest member of Samsung’s Wi-Fi SMART camera family, where it intends to pursue the market that its predecessor, the MV800, left off. One of the MV900F’s more unique and innovative features would be a 180-degree MultiView display that makes it a snap to shoot creative self-portraits regardless of the angle, and when you throw Wi-Fi connectivity into the mix, you know that sharing images with family and friends have become far easier than before.

With Integrated Wi-Fi technology, you can hook up to Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket and YouTube instantly, where the dedicated SMART LINK button lets you transfer or share images and videos in a jiffy.

Not only that, the Samsung MV900F will also come with a F/2.5 bright lens so that you can shoot decent looking images even in low light conditions, now how about that? Samsung’s ground-breaking Gesture Shot has also been thrown into the mix, where you can now zoom and snap a photo from a distance using simple hand motions, although it remains to be seen just how far or effective Gesture Shot is until we actually manage to try it out for ourselves.

If you are interested in the Samsung MV900F, then you will be able to pick it up for a relatively affordable $349.99, where it will come in sophisticated white and black shades. Any takers?

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