OUYA – Thinking way Inside the Box

I probably shouldnt admit it, but I clearly remember our very first video game console. The Magnavox Odyssey. My parents brought it home, and I was mesmerized as it was hooked up to the TV, so many games choices (both Pong and Hockey) and I was able to sit in front of it for hours, with anyone willing to play. It was the beginning of my love affair with technology. Gaming on the TV was always a good time, but it’s about to get better…
Check out OUYA, getting ready to change the rules of gaming, and of game developing right back to the way it used to be. OUYA is a world-class controller, console, and interface all bundled up  into one beautiful, very inexpensive package. This Android based OPEN system not only allows for tweaking, but encourages it, and better still, it gives developers a home where they can dispense with some of the financial hurdles and publishing fees and get back to making awsome games that folks can play in their living room.
You win, because all the games on it will be free, at least to try, and developers win because it opens the doors for almost anyone to bring a new game to market. No longer do you have to invest in a license or software development kit (SDK or “devkit”) The OUYA is one! Imagine all that power in the palm of your hands. Anything published to Android is fair game on this little cutie, so play games, listen to music, watch videos… need I say more?
With more than 60,000 people behind OUYA, I think its a pretty safe bet we’ll be seeing the little cubes turning up sometime next Spring, so if you’d like to have one, head on over to OUYA.tv and pre-order one, and when you do something really cool with it, I want to be the first to know! Deal?