One Device, Four Ways to Charge


We can never get enough power. Come on. Admit it. You have done crazy things to get power. There is the “turn on your dying laptop to leak some USB power into your phone” trick. Or the “go sit in the car and use the car charger to make a phone call” routine. I am sure you have more stories. Share them below if you want! If you prefer to have options in those desperate or not-so-desperate situations check out the 4-in-1 Power Charger from Brookstone.

The name is logical. “4” because you have 4 methods to get power: standard wall plug, car charger, USB and 9 volt battery. “1” because you route which ever type of power into a standard USB connector with a retractable cord. Add an adaptor – many of which are included with the unit – and you are charging. An LED connection indicator lets you know when you are charging. The unit is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones. But it also provides a great source for cameras or e-readers. Think of the uses! In addition to the predicaments above, the 4-in-1 works great for travel, camping or home use. And it also makes a really practical gift that virtually anyone would appreciate. All of this power can be yours for $39.99. So why wait, get yourself prepared for those all of your power situations – frantic or not.

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