Razer Arcade Stick now in final beta phase

Not everyone would associate the number 13 with good luck, but it must be noted that the Razer Arcade Stick has finally made its final beta phase – which incidentally, is also its 13th. I guess there is no room for superstition in the cut-throat world of gaming hardware, and if something needs to be done, even if the programming has to be completed while one is sitting underneath a ladder, then so be it. Without much further ado, let us hear more about what the Razer Arcade Stick is capable of doing. It is said that there are two centuries (yes, that would equal to 200 of them) of gamers and modders alike from the Fighting Game Community who are there to help validate v13 Prototype of Razer’s Arcade Stick, and bear in mind that this is just meant for the Xbox 360 console only.
Originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show last year, the beta program is now in its second year, spawning 13 iterations of the arcade stick in the process. The latest prototype unit alongside feedback from its testers will hopefully assist in the development of the ultimate arcade stick.
Some of the beta testers include decorated pro-gamers such as Keita “Fuudo” Ai and Hiromiki “Itazan” Kumada – both Super Battle Opera, EVO and World Cyber Games veterans. Not only that, prominent modders from luminaries such as Mike “PurpleArms” Cheng and Matthew “Gummowned” Gummo also signed up with the beta so that their two cents’ will help to improve the arcade stick’s moddability.
The Razer Arcade Stick intends to be a tournament-grade fighting machine that was specially constructed to enhance gaming performance. It relies on premium quality Sanwa hardware, sporting 10 highly-responsive buttons and a precision eight-way joystick to boot, enabling one to achieve instant and near-flawless strikes without losing any responsiveness or reliability.
Something that was built for modders and tested by gamers sure sounds right, and it might very well be the ultimate gaming peripheral to own in the near and immediate future. It remains to be seen just how much this puppy will cost when it is finally ready to hit the mass market. How much would you be willing to pay for one of these?
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