LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headset for clearer conversations

When it comes to Bluetooth headsets, are all of them the same? LG begs to differ, what with their LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headset (HBS-730) hoping to change the way things work in the industry. After all, you can more or less say that the LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headset does have its fair share of pedigree to call upon, considering how it is the successor to the original, the LG Tone, otherwise known as the HBS-700. One of the main key features in the LG Tone+ would be its support for VoLTE (Voice over LTE) calls, allowing one to carry out conversations in High Definition (HD) sound between VoLTE-capable devices.
Paul Bae, Vice President of Marketing Center of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, said, “LG was the world’s first company to demonstrate VoLTE technology and announce a VoLTE smartphone. And today, we are still at the forefront of efforts to advance the commercialization of VoLTE as a follow up to the global expansion of LTE. In order to provide our customers with a superior user experience over 4G networks, LG will continue to raise the bar on all its mobile products, including accessories that support LTE and VoLTE.”
The LG Tone+ is said to deliver enhanced audio quality with a number of improvements compared to its predecessor. The extended bass register of the LG Tone+ will help increase the available sound range, while delivering a perceptibly improved audio experience which ought to keep audiophiles happy. Bear in mind that this is LG’s claim, and we will just have to test it out for ourselves in order to know just whether it can live up to its reputation.
The inclusion of a Bluetooth Multi-connection function allows the LG Tone+ to hook up to two smartphones or to smartphone and other multimedia device, where either way, it is done immediately. The Audible Pairing Assistance feature lets you know of the connection status when another device is connected, and Vibrating Call Alert helps the user be aware of incoming calls.
The talk and standby times of the LG Tone+ is said to have been extended to 15 and 500 hours, respectively, where it will arrive in South Korea, the United States and China by the end of September in two color combinations. Pricing details have yet to be determined though.
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  1. Bought one it went bad in one week, returned it and got another one and it went bad in a week and a half. Then I returned it and bought a different brand! LG sucks!

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