LEGO® Movie Tributes


Star Wars: Death Star including 30,000 bricks

We dare not go too long without something LEGO® here at CoolestGadgets. LEGO rocks. Then there is our love of sci-fi movies too. Some fanatical LEGO and movie fans decided to construct tributes to favorite flicks using favorite bricks. features a gallery of 32 different scenes, constructed by fans, paying homage to everything from Star Wars to Wall-E to Planet of the Apes. Major kudos go out to the artists for the creativity and dedication. Shown here are just a few of the creations. Visit for the complete gallery.

Valkyrie from Battlestar Galactica, 42,000+ bricks

Back to the Future, including a Flux Capacitor


Yes, a LEGO foosball table with Empire and Rebel players

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