Ghost Hunt helps you hunt down the faux supernatural


Have you ever wondered whether you would do well in an alternate career such as, say, a Ghostbuster? Unfortunate, Egon and gang are nowhere to be found, which is why you might want to get started off first yourself, with the £29.99 Ghost Hunt being a good way to get off on the right footing. The entire objective of Ghost Hunt would be to shoot down the spooky suckers using not some sort of paranormal chanting or spells brewed by a witch, but rather, using a laser gun.

Yes sir, the supernatural and undead, too, are affected by modern day technologies such as lasers. You are able to control not only the speed as well as randomness of the projected poltergeists through the settings, while it comes accompanied by a rechargeable 6-shooter which is what will help you keep track of your score. Heck, Billy the ghost will even let out a scream whenever you are accurate enough to score a direct hit.

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