Doctor Who TARDIS Table Lamp


I guess when it comes to some franchises, you can just milk it a whole lot more than the rest, without having the franchise go stale at the same time. The Doctor Who series is one of them, although personally, my favorite would be the entire Star Wars universe that looks set to provide George Lucas’ descendants a comfortable life for the next three generations or perhaps, even more. Well, we have more stuff from Doctor Who this time around, with the $49.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Table Lamp making headlines for today.

You can find your way around the home with this gorgeous blue box, and to add to the realism factor for this officially licensed product, this table lamp will even make a TARDIS noise whenever you open her. Definitely a must-have for every would-be companion, don’t you think so? This is a lamp that comes with a double-sided lampshade, sporting the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond on one side, while the TARDIS is on the . Should there be no TARDIS noise effects, that would mean it is time to replenish the exhausted trio of AAA batteries within.

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