Actifry – All the Pleasure and None of the Guilt

I know I am not alone in my love of fried foods. I’m also well aware that not only are they not good for ME, they really aren’t good for anybody. So I try to have them in moderation, but I always find myself craving some fries. I’ve tried baking them… just not the same. So I just deprive myself for as long as I can, and then I end up doing the wrong thing, and I go and eat an enormous plate of cheese fries. Come on, isnt there a better way?
I guess you knew that there was. Check out Actifry, made by Tefal and providing you with delicious fried food taste, by using only 1 measly tablespoon of oil you can “fry” up a whole 2 pounds of french fries, saving you and your family from the oil used in your traditional deep fat fryer. The Actifry let’s you dish up the fries with only a 3% fat content for a whole entire serving. Bring on the Ketchup!
How does it work you ask? With a unique paddle and stirring system you simply drizzle a tiny amount of oil on your fresh cut potatoes and using a special pulsed heat, your food is cooked to perfection. With a 2.2 pound capacity, the Actifry doesn’t stop there, cook up some mushrooms and onions, get your nuggets extra crispy, or how about some chicken wings, stir-fry, or even risotto?
The Actifry runs about 220 bucks and comes with a ceramic coated pan and a transparent steam free lid, which are both dishwasher safe. The Actifry has a unique filter which dramatically cuts down unwanted cooking odors, and the unit helps you keep an eye on your food with a countdown timer and buzzer. So start peeling the sweet potatoes and check one out at