Rapid Reload Double Marshmallow Blaster


There is nothing quite like recollecting all that had happened in the past, those snazzy adventures and near misses with the rest of your progeny around a campfire, roasting marshmallows in one hand while keeping warm with some hot chocolate in a mug in the other. The thing is, you can also do so indoors, but here we are with another different use for tasty marshmallows – as ammunition. Wait a minute, didn’t mother always tell us not to play with our food? Well, times have changed, and you can have some tasty fun with the $29.95 Rapid Reload Double Marshmallow Blaster.

This unique blaster will be able to pelt your targets with not one, but two barrels-full of plump, harmless marshmallows, and we are not talking about a short range, but rather, hitting your intended target up to 30′ away. Needless to say, the power that this thing packs makes me wonder whether there will be curious kids who would use other stuff apart from marshmallows as its ammunition, and this might be dangerous.

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