Motorola S11-FLEX HD wireless stereo headphones


I am quite sure that many of us out there do take our music very seriously, and our respective smartphones have already been turned into a portable media player to boot, playlists, an eclectic mix of songs – the works, basically. Well, one thing about listening to music is, it can be pretty irritating to blast it over your smartphone speakers when you are in a crowd, especially when your choice of music might not be suitable for those around you. This is where a pair of headphones or earbuds come in, and there are so many to choose from in the market. Just where do you start? Well, I am sure that it is easy to break things down to two – wireless or not, and if you chose the former, then you can check out the Motorola S11-FLEX HD wireless stereo headphones.

The Motorola S11-FLEX HD wireless stereo headphones does look like a stunning piece of work, where it offers a flexible fit as well as rock solid audio performance. After all, there are five adjustment points to this puppy in order to create an extremely customized fit, but Dumbo will still have to sit this one out. The S-11 FLEX HD was specially designed to remain snugly in place even when you are involved in the most rigorous of workouts, sweat and all.

Motorola claims that their S11-FLEX HD is truly a unique device, one-of-its-kind, boasting a flexible outer band, an adjustable inner band, and telescoping and rotating ear pieces that enable you to adjust your headphones in order for them to feel lightweight, balanced and ready for even the most intense workouts. Not only that, there are also protective seals and moisture-repelling mesh so that your buckets of sweat stay out even as you enjoy tubthumping music during your workout. It also comes with a range of 150 feet when streaming music, which is definitely cool for those who do not want to be tethered and grapple with the issue of messy, tangled cables.

There are dedicated music and volume controls for easy adjustments, multiple ear cushion models, a quick-charge feature that lets you get a full hour of playback time on just five minutes of charging.

Those who are interested in picking this puppy up will be able to do so from October 28th onwards from online as well as brick-and-mortar stores for $129.99 a pop.

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