Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light

Assuming you have shared all there is to know about the Doctor Who series to your little one, hoping that your interest in the sci-fi series will rub off on him/her, how about being a wee bit more persuasive through the purchase of this $14.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light? Yes sir, let the good Doctor provide some light in the dead dark of the night, ensuring that the pathway to the bathroom or hallway is always lit, making sure that monsters hiding underneath the bed will remain where they are supposed to be.
I suppose on a more psychological level with an overactive imagination in tow, the Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light would also be effective in discouraging nocturnal Dalek attacks, but that is another adventure to share with another time. The Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light will be able to plug into any standard outlet, where it will shine from both the windows and top in order to deliver an adequate amount of illumination for late night bathroom trips. You can always replace the 7 watt bulb inside when it blows.