Zooka – Let’s Get Loud!


I try not to spend a bunch of time dwelling on the negative, but if I do try and think of the downside of some of my newer technology I keep coming up with this… I hate to wear headphones. Yes, I can appreciate the big sound that a great pair of phones can give me, but sometimes I just want to lay my device down and have some awesome background music without having to have anything stuck in my ears. There, I said it… I hate headphones.
Well check out Zooka, another nifty Kickstarter project that hit the ground running and is now available. Zooka is a portable Bluetooth speaker for your iPad, iPhone, laptop or smartphone, and this speaker sets itself apart from the crowd in that it both magnifies and enhances the quality of the sound and unlike most speakers, this baby “hugs” your device making it one seriously ergonomic external speaker option especially for those on the go, and it looks great too!
Zooka simply slides onto the edge of your device and it even comes with a handy little kickstand that will let you and a friend sit back and enjoy a movie without having to split headphones (ever do that?) with Bluetooth capabilities from up to 30 feet away, and a built in microphone that will let you Skype to your hearts content, whats not to like about these jelly bean colored super speakers available from carbonaudioinc.com for only around 99 bucks. I know what I want for Christmas!