Just Say “Pop” for Popcorn


Popcorn rocks. I love sitting down to a fresh bowl and chowing down. In fact I think we should start a campaign to make popcorn a more common, everyday snack.  Making popcorn is certainly not the most convenient thing in the world however. And then there is the hassle of getting your fingers dirty while you eat it. That shouldn’t stop us though.

Popcorn, Indiana – ironically based in New Jersey – carries a variety of snack items including popcorn, kettlecorn and something called popcorn chips. In their words they are “wildly fanatical about healthier, whole grain snacking” and apparently also very creative. This chow company created a prototype of a device that will change the way we eat popcorn. Meet the Popinator, a voice-activated popcorn launching machine. Designed with binaural microphones, all you do is simply say “pop” when you want a kernel. The unit tracks your location aims right at you, raises the catapult and launches a piece of popcorn to you. The Popinator launches up to 15 feet away, and closes up once done. And you choose the popcorn to load into the unit. Check the video below for a full view of the concept.

With a device like the Popinator, a revolution may occur in the art of eating popcorn and automatic snack devices – a perfect quest for a company called Popcorn, Indiana.

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