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Calling all golfers! Stepping up to the ball and staying focused enough to get a good shot off is the ultimate quest. It seems impossible to not be thinking about every aspect of your swing as you take the club back and follow through. Tempo, plane, clubhead speed, club path. Yuck! Wouldn’t it be nice if technology could help out? Do you have a smartphone? Then take a look at Swingbyte.

Swingbyte consists of a device to measure aspects of your swing and an app and online program to help you analyze the data. First, attach the Swingbyte unit, which weighs less than an ounce, to any club just below the grip. Sync the unit via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet after loading the app. Then swing away. Swingbyte captures a variety of aspects of the swing: clubhead speed, acceleration points through your swing, the club’s true plane, loft and lie at address and impact tempo and more. Then open the app and look at your swing analytics. You can review and rate your swing and look back at your swing history. True die hards can take it a step further and subscribe to the Swingbyte online analytics tool with more advanced data crunching and video instruction.

Swingbyte is available at most AT&T stores and at for just $149 plus shipping which also includes a free year of the advanced online tool. If you get hooked on the advanced analytics tool it is just $49/year thereafter. Seems pretty minimal considering the data and insight Swingbyte can provide.

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