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Some of us require complete silence before we retire for the night, so much so that even a pin drop can be heard. As for others, we do need to have some sort of background noise that could prove comforting, such as creaking of the wooden floor, the slow turning fan that emits that squeaky sound with each revolution of its blades on the ceiling, the sound of crickets and their all night symphony, or simply your favorite recording artist belting out his/her/their hit tunes over a speaker. If you fall under the last mentioned category, then Time4sleep’s effort with the Sound Bed certainly sounds like a winner in our books. We shall take a closer look at what the Sound Bed is able to offer to sleepers who want some background music as they grab some shuteye.

Time4sleep’s new and innovative bed frame will not only make sure you get a peaceful night’s sleep, but it also doubles up as a private sound system to boot. Called the Sound Bed, it will merge modern design alongside technology in order to deliver an original and comfortable music centre. This particular idea can be said to be inspired by the rise in the demand for TV beds, so Time4sleep figured out that there is probably a market for music lovers.

The Sound Bed range will come in Single, Double and King Size form factors, and it works great whether you are an adult or a little kid. Each Sound Bed comes finished in stone white bonded leather, ensuring that this particularly neutral color is able to be compatible with all kinds of décor and tastes.

Jonathan Warren, Time4sleep owner said “This bed frame allows anyone to have their own private music station. Adaptable for any MP3 player, including iPods, iPhones and iPads – the Sound Bed makes it easy to just plug in and play!”

All the relevant controls and speakers themselves are located on a control panel on the side of the headboard, where it comprises of 2 speakers and a sub-woofer (which is located at the bottom if the headboard) for that added thump of bass.

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