Etiquette Checker – Tells you the Cold Hard Truth


Gone are the days when I was out on the prowl, No more late night dance clubs, rock concerts or keg stands, I’m finally settled down and bored as… I mean, sooo loving my life. But that doesnt mean I cant enjoy finding some gadgets that might have been quite useful back in the day.

Checkout the Etiquette Checker, meant for those late night encounters that almost always require you to ask yourself these two very important questions, am I drunk? and how’s my breath? With two available settings, breath or alcohol, the Etiquette checker will rate your breath and determine your blood alcohol level, simply by selecting the desired mode and breathing into the device. How handy is that?

So your breath is ranked from good to bad utilizing a number system from 1-6, with 1 being delightfully fresh and a rating of 6 letting you know that before you do anything else, a date with a toothbrush and some paste may be in order. The alcohol setting measures your blood alcohol levels in 0.5 increments, which may not only be helpful in preventing you from driving while intoxicated, but also stop you from going home with a guy with blue hair, a pierced nose and a dragon tattooed on his forehead, no offense Frank, I had fun.

The Etiquette Checker is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, comes with a backlit LCD screen, and has an auto off feature to save on battery life, and you can have one for yourself for around 80 bucks from 80 bucks? Thats a small price to pay to save yourself from driving drunk… or Frank.


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