Somersaulting Truck Race Track


So those normal race track games are pretty much boring in this day and age of the iPad. What must toy manufacturers come up with in order to wow the audience all over again? I suppose the answer is pretty simple, especially when you take into consideration the explosive kind of action that we see on the big screen these days. With the $99.95 Somersaulting Truck Race Track, you can be sure that your little one will not be all that bored on a rainy day.

The Somersaulting Truck Race Track will feature a raceway that comes with a trio of vehicles which are more than capable of performing somersaults when they bounce off the circuit’s built-in trampoline. This is claimed to be a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, and your budding engineer will be able to snap the track’s pieces seamlessly together, forming a winding off-road course that is textured with potholes, fallen limbs, and rocks for the set’s autonomously operating 3.5″-long van, wrecker, and SUV. They will roll with the action thanks to knobby 1″ diameter rubber wheels.

Powered by half a dozen AAA batteries, the course is a real challenging one, what with an ascending corkscrew which will deposit vehicles down a ramp onto the trampoline’s 6″ x 8″ rebounding surface.

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