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Anyone who is into sports knows that seeing yourself on video does 2 things: 1) embarrasses the heck out of you, and 2) really shows places where you can improve. OK, so it also means an archive of memories. Whether a solo sport like surfing, ice skating or car racing or a team sport like baseball or football it seems like little adjustments to movements and actions can sometimes make the difference between winning and losing. And keeping memories of the events are priceless. Yet how often can we draft a friend or family member to stand there and film us? And how reliable are they? Will they follow you or get into a conversation with people around them? Next thing you know you have 30 minutes of video focused on the ground.

 Soloshot is your new best friend when it comes to improving your skills or even just videotaping games.  Invented by surfers, Soloshot consists of an elastic armband with a remote transmitter and a base unit with receiver. It even comes with a professional tripod attached to the unit, though you can detach and affix to any tripod, camera or video camera with a 3/8” screw.  Attach the armband to the person you want to follow, start the camera and Soloshot takes over, following the armband – even up to 360°. Both units are durable and the armband is even waterproof. The unit has a 2000 foot range. Both the receiver and armband have rechargeable batteries that will get you 5+ hours of use too. And if you are nervous about leaving your camera or video camera on its own, not to worry. Soloshot enables you to lock your camera to the unit with a standard luggage lock. Then just lock the entire unit to a stationary object.

The entire Soloshot system – armband, receiver, tripod and charger – is $479, certainly cheaper than the discomfort of hoisting up the camera for the entire BMX race or the guilt you feel leaving your friend with your camera while you hit the waves. So whether you or a member of your family are the active ones, check out Soloshot for a hassle free way to capture the action on video.

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