Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair


Do you love being captain of your own destiny? I suppose if you have answered in the affirmative, then you would be interested in the Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair from Thinkgeek, where depending on the size of the chair, you would have to fork out $24.99 to $34.99 to fit bottoms of two sizes – that of a kid and an adult. Hey, there are leaders who are made, while others are natural born, so if your little one happens to fall under the latter, the Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair does seem to be the right start in life.

This is an officially licensed Star Trek collectible, where it comes with a host of buttons and lights that have been printed on the arms so that one can tickle one’s imagination during playtime. The Captain has the authority to set Red Alert, Yellow Alert, or choose to Jettison Pod, depending on the theoretical situation. The kid and adult chairs will be able to handle a maximum weight of 120 lbs and 250 lbs, respectively.

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