Stay Out Of My Room Alarm


When kids start to grow up with the rest of their siblings, they tend to get territorial with their personal space. It makes perfect sense after all, as we are all trying to figure out just who we are, and sometimes, we do need the breathing room to get that bit done. Some boys might be a bit more adventurous and create “traps” in their rooms so that whoever goes around snooping without prior permission will get caught, red-handed. With the $39.95 Stay Out Of My Room Alarm, it is a wrist cuff which warns of a room invasion.

A couple of 2.5” in diameter motion sensors are placed in a secret, non-obvious place to detect whether there is someone in the vicinity who is not supposed to be there, sending the alert signal to you as you wear the wrist cuff. It works within a 100 feet radius, so if you are out of the house and jogging around the neighborhood, then too bad. The wrist cuff boasts of two separate displays which will correspond to each sensor, flashing red when either or both are triggered by remote movement, in addition to a choice between having the alarm sound or being completely silent. Make sure you have rechargeable AAA batteries handy always!

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