Naim Audio introduces UnitiLite audio player


So you think that the world has seen all of the audio players that it deserves to see? I guess not, considering how Naim Audio has introduced the UnitiLite audio player that is touted to be big on features and small in size. In a nutshell, the UnitiLite will be able to cover up all home audio needs in a single, sleek looking unit. For those who think that the UnitiLite audio player looks familiar, that is because the UnitiLite is a slimline version of Naim’s original all-in-one audio player, otherwise known as the NaimUniti. Now, the big and all important question is this – just how will the UnitiLite audio player be able to perform with the rest? Why not we take a closer look at it right after the jump.

For starters, the UnitiLite audio player will come with a high-resolution digital streaming, in addition to a CD player, not to mention having Internet radio support, iPod/iPhone/MP3 connectivity as well as digital inputs for sources ranging from games consoles to set top boxes. The UnitiLite audio player can be said to be the embodiment of the technical advancements and performance that have made Naim a globally renowned brand. The thing is, with such pedigree behind the UnitiLite, how will it affect the final price point? We will get to that later.

Streaming music can be said to be a fast developing trend in the audio industry, and with Naim Audio being a leading player in this field, the UnitiLite would fit the bill very nicely. The UnitiLite is able to stream audio from a PC, Mac or any server on the home network via a wired or wireless connection. When you throw in Internet radio into the mix that lets you gain access to tens of thousands of Internet radio stations, you have quite the rocking set up here.

All right now, it is time to brace yourselves for the pricing details. The UnitiLite will come with a recommended sticker price tag of £1,650 (£1,895 with optional FM/DAB tuner), where it is available for purchase from mid-October onwards.

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