Sony NEX-VG900 Handycam camcorder


Sony scores another first with their Sony NEX-VG900 Handycam camcorder, where it is touted to be the first 35mm full-frame Handycam camcorder in the world. Make no mistake about it, the Sony NEX-VG900 Handycam will be part of the interchangeable lens video camera family, hence I guess the cliche comes in handy here – whatever you shoot is only as good as your imagination, as the hardware has progressed to such an extent. Well, let us check out just what the Sony NEX-VG900 Handycam camcorder is capable of right after the jump, shall we not?

Touted to be the “world’s first consumer 35mm full-frame interchangeable lens camcorder”, the new NEX-VG900 Handycam camcorder will enable demanding cinematographers to have the kind of control and flexibility that they require in order to flesh out their creative vision. Sporting a resolution count of 24.3 effective megapixels, it comes with an Exmor CMOS sensor that is said to be approximately 40 times larger than its equivalent in standard consumer camcorders, and more than double that of the APS-C sensor found in other interchangeable lens Handycam models.

Capable of capturing full-frame, 24 megapixel still photos, it will also deliver RAW format support, now how about that? This delivers all the post-processing flexibility and quality expected from a pro-class DSLR camera, except that this is a camcorder that we are talking about here. As for the sensor, it also lets one create distinctive ‘bokeh’ (defocus) effects; experience high sensitivity for extremely clear, low-noise images; and effortless reproduction of smooth, true tonal gradation.

You might just end up being the resident movie maker in your family as you spend more and more time mastering the Sony NEX-VG900 Handycam camcorder, and we cannot blame you for that.

And last but not least, the pricing surrounding the Sony Handycam NEX-VG900 35mm full-frame camcorder. If you want just the body only with a LA-EA3 adaptor will arrive later this November, it will cost you a whopping $3,300. I guess that would mean you have just a couple of months or so to save up for one of these puppies, no?

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