Ride On Double Digger


Have you ever wondered just how it would feel like digging up roads during peak hours, causing inconvenience to the masses simply because you are following orders from the top management who do not seem to know what’s going on on the ground? Well, I suppose you can give your little one a taste in the life of one who rides and operates a tractor for a living with the $199.95 Ride On Double Digger.

To put it in a nutshell, this is the ride-on loader and backhoe which enables your little one to not only sit on it, but to dig and dump sand into the included trailer. Both the articulated loader as well as backhoe can be controlled through levers and handles which are easy for tiny hands to operate, and good thing there are no engines to keep this running as it is pedal-powered, meaning you need not burn more money on gas. Heck, there is even a steering wheel that works great to inform the family dog or cat to get out of the way. The chain drive system is fully enclosed so that pant legs will not get caught while pedaling, but of course one should always use this under adult supervision.

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