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If you are like me you take care when storing your electronics. Earbuds in particular. To avoid future hassle I always take the time to wind them up, usually around my iPod, and tuck them back in my backpack. How is it that my backpack rarely moves, I don’t touch the wound up buds but next time I hoist them out they look like a rats nest? Virtually every workout I do begins with the routine of de-knotting the earbuds. You can’t win sometimes!

Digital Innovations came up with a creative way to protect earbuds while also keeping them tangle free. Appropriately named, The Nest, gives you a protected place to house your buds when not in use. The Silicon design provides flexibility so it can live in pockets, purses or wherever. Simply flip The Nest inside out and start winding your buds around the core. Then flip it right side out and The Nest becomes protection from the elements and tangles. And not to worry if a call comes in. With a single pull you can release your tangle free earbuds. The Nest is available on for just $9.99. Forewarning: they are currently sold out, but with holidays coming up keep your eyes on them. Because compared to the cost of new, quality earbuds, The Nest is a bargain.

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CM Says: September 11, 2012 at 9:47 am

They are not sold out now, but they are $12.99

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