Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock Stereo


A dedicated alarm clock is something that not everyone owns these days, simply because our smartphone carries a plethora of functions that makes a slew of other once useful devices obsolete. I’m referring to the portable media player and the alarm clock, and today, we shall take a closer look at what kind of value that the $79.99 Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock Stereo is able to deliver right out of the box.

Sporting a modern look with a classic retro design, the Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock Stereo will boast five preset alarm functions as well as an LCD display that will show the audio input selected, in addition to the date and time, as well as any active alarms which have been set prior. Not only that, it comes accompanied by a couple of 360-degree omni-directional speakers that are neatly disguised as two classic speaker bells. An international FM radio tuner with 24 preset channels adds more variety to your musical tastes just in case you run out of tunes to listen to.

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