Telephoto Kitchen Timer


In life, you can be darned good at what you do, but it you lack focus, all of that skill will not amount to much, really. Well, the $13.99 Telephoto Kitchen Timer does seem to put things into focus, reminding you to make sure that the stove is on, and it is extremely dangerous to leave a fire unattended. Well, you might be a fantastic multi-tasker, but there is no harm done in having a device that helps remind us that it is time to attend to the chicken so that it does not end up overcooked, all the while you keep on stirring the porridge.

Not only that, it is also a subtle reminder that you should, if time and opportunity permits, to be able grab a DSLR nearby and shoot a few photos of what’s cookin’ (even if you are not The Rock). In order to activate the Telephoto Kitchen Timer, all you need to do is twist the base in order for the red arrow to pass the 55 minutes mark, then twist the very same arrow back to mark your desired time. This will result in you creating more or less the perfect meal each time.

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