The Pebble Smartwatch – Your Watch, Your Way

It seems as though a good number of us are addicted to our smartphones. I know I’m at a complete loss if I forget my phone, I actually feel completely lost and unproductive, but at the same time, if I have the phone, it always seems to be in the way of something… although I have gotten really adept at doing lots of things with only one hand, there has got to be a better way to integrate the almighty smartphone into my life.
Well, it seems as though I’m not alone. The Pebble Smartwatch has the distinction of being THE most funded Kicksarter project to date. With its beginnings set at a hundred thousand dollar goal, the Pebble Smartwatch passed a million dollars in funding the very first day! Using a fabulous E-paper display, this water-resistant watch connects via bluetooth to your Android, or iPhone and allows you to fully customize your watch and its features.
You can change the watch face, add apps and set-up all kinds of message notifications. Bikers and runners can rejoice, using your phones GPS ability, you can get time, speed and pace data directly to your wrist, and couch potatoes can get mellow with a music control app that lets you play, pause or skip tracks, right from your watch. Golfers can use their Pebble as a rangefinder, or to get weather alerts and check incoming calls without ever having to look at their phones.
The Pebble Smartwatch has a wide array of timers and alerts, even allowing for vibrating notifications, imagine checking Facebook or your e-mail by simply looking at your watch, pretty stealthy huh? The Pebble Smartwatch comes in 5 different colors, Black, Red, White, Orange and Grey and is available for pre-order at for only 150 bucks.

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