Milkmaid Milk Jug – Honey… I just got a Text from the Milk

How many times have you woken up in the morning and yawned your way into the kitchen and filled a giant bowl with some Nutty-O’s or Fruity Pebbles, opened the fridge door and saw that you didn’t have enough milk? or worse, that the milk you did have had expired the day before! Begrudgingly you attempted the sniff test and while it seemed a little “off” you tasted it anyway. I hate those mornings… and the taste test only seems to go well about 1 out of 10 times.
Welcome the Milkmaid Milk Jug, a quart size glass container that you pour your milk into, and keep in the fridge. The Milkmaid utilizes specialized PH sensors that can not only tell if the milk is spoiled, but it can tell you how soon it will spoil if you don’t use it up! Unique temperature sensors even let you know if your moo juice has been left out too long and the jug also comes with a weight sensing base that measures just how much milk you have left.
All of this milk information can be accessed easily via a free iPhone app or you can enable the base to contact you at a pre-selected number for all your urgent milk messages. Currently, the Milkmaid Jug is only in its prototype stage, with a few of the products being tested by the masses as we speak, obviously if it garners enough attention and some nice reviews by the testers, the Jug may actually become a reality. Is this a useful product ,or simply a fun-for-a minute novelty? If you’d like to have one someday, check out and let them know. I have to go, my milk is calling.