JVC Procision DLA-X95R home theater projector

No, what you read above is definitely not a typo. After all, I would suppose that it is a bunch of creative brains behind the JVC Procision DLA-X95R home theater projector that has called it so – merging the words “professional” and “precision” together. Having said that, is your interest not piqued that you want to find out more about the JVC Procision DLA-X95R? I sure do, so why not let us take the plunge right after the jump to read more about it?
The JVC Procision DLA-X95R home theater projector is one of the new, expanded range of home theater projectors which is touted to deliver significant improvements in picture performance and upgraded e-shift technology. Just what does that mean in plain English? Well, we are looking at the upconversion and scaling of 2D content to a 4K signal. Known as e-shift2, this technology is available in seven of the new JVC projectors, with the DLA-X95R leading the way. Apart from that, you will also be able to benefit from a host of other performance-enhancing features that include a new illumination system as well as a new polarizing wire grid that works in tandem with e-shift2 for higher native contrast.
This particular home theater projector is also 3D-enabled, and your eyes will definitely not be bowled over. After all, you will be on the receiving end of stunningly detailed image with minimal aliasing artifacts that are normally found in standard HD displays. You will get higher native contrast in combination with a new polarizing wire grid engine. Proprietary JVC algorithms will see action here, replacing a two-band filter with an eight-band filter in order to apply additional correction to more areas of the image. This would, right away, let you experience a noticeable improvement with any compatible 2D signal. In order to optimize performance for different content, this Multiple Pixel Control offers five preset modes plus Off.
3D performance has also been given a kick in the butt, thanks to the inclusion of new circuitry and a new optical engine that helps reduce cross talk, resulting in a more natural, clear and brighter image. It also boasts of a new lamp and power supply which is said to deliver a significant improvement in brightness over the life of the lamp, sporting a lamp warranty of one year or a thousand hours, whichever comes first.
The asking price for the DLA-X95R? It definitely ain’t cheap, as we are looking at a cool $11,999, but at least you can be sure that this will not be obsolete the moment you remove it from its box.
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