Western Digital rolls out latest My Passport portable hard drives

When it comes to the world of hard drives (portable or otherwise), you can be sure that the name Western Digital is bound to pop up. How could it not? They are continuously on the cutting edge of hard drive and storage technology, and cater to the masses with reliable products at decent prices (according to my experience with their devices to date, of course, different people might have something else to say). In order to remain ahead of the pack, Western Digital has introduced a new My Passport Edge family of portable hard drives that will work on both the PC and Mac platforms. Let us take a closer look at just what the My Passport Edge delivers right after the jump.
For starters, the My Passport Edge and My Passport Edge for Mac (so that is how you tell the difference when it comes to the kind of platform it works on) will boast 500GB of storage space which frankly, is not too much these days as we are more into terabyte territory now. At least it is capable of lightning fast transfer with a USB 3.0 interface, allowing you to effectively manage, share and enjoy digital content everywhere you go. Sporting a sleek, ultra-slim design, both My Passport Edge portable hard drives are a snap to tote around, while you can rest easy knowing that different security features incorporated within will protect the drive’s content from unauthorized access.
Mac users tend to be more particular about industrial design, which is why the My Passport Edge for Mac portable hard drive will not look out of place when you plug it into MacBook computers and MacBook Air notebooks, thanks to its all-aluminum exterior which also has another function – to protect the drive and its contents from everyday bumps. Compatible with Apple Time Machine as well, you know that the My Passport Edge for Mac is ready to rock and roll right out of the box with your Mac.
As for the PC flavor of My Passport Edge, this portable hard drive incorporates WD SmartWare continuous and automatic backup software which can create a copy of users’ computers’ content so that your personal digital files are backed-up and protected just in case you lose your computer by accident or via theft. A premium finish gives it that sleek look for sure.
Both models will come with a 3-year limited warranty, where the My Passport Edge and My Passport Edge for Mac will retail for $109.99 and $119.99, respectively.
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