Spinnaker Bluetooth Speaker System


At first glance, one might say that the $349.99 Spinnaker Bluetooth Speaker System resemble that of a shark’s fin, but upon closer inspection, you would realize that this is actually a Bluetooth speaker system with a mean design. Sleek and sexy, the Spinnaker Bluetooth Speaker System boasts of a 10W tweeter, and a 10W 2-3/4″ midrange speaker in addition to a 25W 4″ downward-firing subwoofer.

When all three combine their “powers” and work together, you can be sure that your ears will be blown away, especially when you pair it up with your notebook. Not only that, since we are more or less living the wireless lifestyle these days, it makes perfect sense for the Spinnaker Speaker System to come with Bluetooth connectivity, playing nice with Bluetooth enabled devices. Just in case some of your devices do not have the versatility of Bluetooth, you can always rely on the auxiliary input port to get the job done.

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