LaunchPort – Charging your iPad in Grand Style


I look around my house and see my devices charging at every conceivable electric outlet, I have all sorts of electronics plugged into ugly little power strips all over the place. I have tried hiding the cords or using more attractive charging stations, but in the end I have a tangled mess of cords and gadgets stuck in every corner. Maybe we should go the other way, and stop trying to hide our charging gadgetry and make the charger an objet d’art. What if our chargers were something beautiful to behold?

Check out Strut’s LaunchPort, sure, it’s an incredibly convenient and wireless way to charge your iPad, but thats not the best part. The LaunchPort is a jewelry grade, stainless steel hand polished sphere shaped pedestal, used in conjunction with a uniquely handcrafted Burl wood, carbon fiber or leopard print case, that charges your iPad and looks simply beautiful doing it.

Using powerful magnets that easily secure the gorgeous case to the magnificent pedestal, the unit can tilt, turn and pivot to almost any angle and the specialty case actually directs the sound from the rear of your iPad up to the front, allowing increased volume and clarity over your stand alone iPad. The case can be removed should you desire it, and a mini USB is also included in the event you require charging somewhere away from the base station.

The pedestal is available in chrome, matte black and gloss white with special order engraving and custom finishes available, same goes for the elaborate cases which have many special order options in addition to the 5 standard finishes currently available. Please visit to learn more and as you may have guessed, this much style doesn’t come cheap, the Launchport rings in at about 1200 bucks for the pedestal with the case. Is that too much money for aesthetic bliss?


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