JBL embarks on new adventure with Nokia’s upcoming Lumia handsets


It was not too long ago (just a couple of days, actually) that Nokia introduced a couple of new Windows Phone 8-powered devices, with the Nokia Lumia 920 leading the helm. Well, what is the whole point of a next generation flagship smartphone if there are no equally great accessories to go along with it? This is where JBL comes in, where the famous audio company has introduced speakers for the new Lumia devices that are touted to deliver wireless streaming and charging capabilities to boot. We shall look at their individual merits in the extended post.

The JBL PowerUp and JBL PlayUp will be under scrutiny here, where both of them will ride the wirelessly boat by “hooking up” to the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 through their respective NFC chips. Not only that, the JBL PowerUp will boast of Qi wireless charging capability, letting Lumia owners place the handset on the dock in order to get it playing or charging – no hassles, dude!

Juicing up your device while having it play music is not a new idea with the plethora of audio docks out there in the market at the moment, but doing both wirelessly is a novel idea. Just in case you still have some devices that happen to be relics from the past, you can always rely on the classic 3.5mm audio connector, now how about that?

Sachin Lawande, executive vice president of HARMAN and co-president of HARMAN Lifestyle and Infotainment, said, “These JBL speakers were designed for Nokia’s on-the-go music lover who wants a quality wireless audio performance without sacrificing convenience. The JBL PowerUp uses the latest in wireless technologies such as near-field communications to create an ultra-convenient yet high-performance speaker – just drop your phone on the speaker to charge and play. Music fans will hear the truth and appreciate the quality audio experience they expect from JBL.”

Last but not least, pricing details. The JBL PlayUp is tipped to retail for $149 a pop, while those who want the beefier JBL PowerUp will have to fork out three Benjamins for this puppy as they arrive later this year.

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