Motorola RAZR HD announced


You can be sure that the device known as a standalone portable media player is slowly but surely going to get extinct, and the iPod touch from Apple can remain king of the hill for all I care, the market is shrinking. One very obvious reason? Smartphones are encroaching on this field, where better and superior technology does make your smartphone a more-than-decent portable media player, without having you for out more money for a separate device if you want to be entertained. Not only that, advancements in battery life technology also play their part, and yesterday, Motorola announced the new Motorola RAZR HD, which is deemed to be a multimedia powerhouse.

For starters, the new Motorola RAZR HD is said to deliver long-lasting battery performance for non-stop high definition entertainment. Thanks to its 4.7-inch HD display, your eyes will definitely appreciate what is deemed to be the “most compact smartphone in its class” which was specially designed to deliver up to 10 hours of movies and TV shows or 6 hours of surfing the Web on a single battery charge. Now this is a compelling and persuasive argument to make if you are in favor of the Motorola RAZR HD – we’re talking about watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting, with some juice left to spare over.

Since mom always told us to see beyond looks, the Motorola RAZR HD is also a more than decent performer when the time calls for it to work. How about up to half a dozen hours of voice-guided turn by turn GPS navigation on a single charge? In addition, if you were to use the Motorola RAZR HD like a standard issue smartphone as you do yours right now, the battery ought to last you for a total of 24 hours at the very least, whereas I tend to find myself charging my device before I retire for the night as it is pleading for a power outlet by then each day after I return home from work.

You will be able to choose from sleek black or stand out white if you are interested in the Motorola RAZR HD. Pricing details have yet to be worked out, but it should arrive to consumers across the Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America soon. Folks living Stateside can get their hands on one before the holiday season.

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