Doctor Who Tardis Smart Safe


There is no where safer to stash away some of your more private (and small) belongings in, wait for it – a safe. There should be enough space in most safes to keep a remnant of your most personal belongings, but with the £29.99 Doctor Who Tardis Smart Safe, the word “space” here is used with a dash of imagination. We are talking about breaking the very fabric of time and space, assuming the principles in the Doctor Who series are adhered to, meaning your precious items are stashed away in a complex, sentient machine that can travel through time as well as relative dimensions in space, now how about that?

Best of all is, you need not even be a true blue Time Lord, but rather, someone with 30 quid in your bank account. All you need to do is slot in a compatible smartphone into the Tardis Smart Safe, key in your very own PIN code, and it will unlock – boasting authentic opening sound and light effects to boot. This particular accessory is officially licensed by the BBC, and runs on a trio of AAA batteries. Only the iPhone or Android-powered handsets will play nice with it, Blackberry owners will have to find some corner and sulk.

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