Coolest Gadgets Goes Tailgating


Football season is here! College kicked off, NFL follows suit this week. And you need to ensure that you are properly prepared for tailgating. So whether in the stadium parking lot  or in your own driveway get your gadget on with these football must haves.

You Grill, iGrill®, We All Grill

You are dubbed the grill master at this week’s game. Bummer, now you must remain near the grill, keeping a constant eye on the burgers and dogs. Sort of ruins the afternoon. Why let it interfere with playing touch football or chatting up that cute blonde? Let iGrill be your sous chef.

iGrill by iDevice, provides a dual probe, easy to read thermometer. This durable tailgate must can be used as a stand-alone device. But if that isn’t enough then download the iGrill app from the iTunes store. Using Bluetooth the iGrill can then communicate with your app and clue you in when your meat is ready. With a 200 foot range there is plenty of room to escape the grill but not overcook the protein. Alert yourself when a temperature or time is reached. The app includes multiple views to cover each probe, and even recipes. Via Amazon, the $79.95 investment seems small in comparison to the amount of meat you could burn without this gauge.

Hone Your Bartending Knowledge

Tailgaters and tailgate parties are always on a quest for the drink of the day. This handy deck of coasters will keep you and your bartender inspired. Cocktail Challenge provides a set of 30 mats with different cocktails. Drinks vary in difficulty, class, amount of alcohol and number of ingredients. Use them for inspiration. Or if your bar is fully stocked use it as a game. See who can create the tastiest, classiest (or most classless) concoction. For just £7.50 at Suck UK, they provide easy inspiration for your cocktail of the day or to pose a challenge to any novice bartender.


Ultimate Beer Pong Set

Sure you may have a classic beer pong table with your team’s logo emblazoned on it for your tailgate parties. But do you have the proper gaming equipment? Face it, a long game of beer pong makes for warm beer on a warm afternoon. Yuck. The N-Ice Rack Freezable Beer Pong Rack Set is the perfect companion to your beer pong table. Included are two fillable and sealable racks. Fill the racks with water, freeze and you are armed for the day. The glasses you place on it will have a nice chill below them. Also included are 3 balls. And all of this is just $26.34 on Amazon. So don’t forget to keep your penalty beers cold!



Tunes for the Tailgate

No tailgate party is complete without music. Whether socializing or throwing the football around, tunes help set the mood. But no one really wants to lug speakers around or find power.  And you certainly don’t want to be outdone by the party next to you. So the best Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker provides a perfect solution. Not only will it put up with the elements, it will wirelessly play for 10 hours (3 hour charge). Using a 41 channel transmitter and radio band to find your signal source transmitter, it will never find interference from other devices.  The 480’ range means you can leave your transmitter and music player in the car or your pocket. And the digital amplifier and down firing subwoofer will give you the best sound in the parking lot. Though $699.95, Hammacher Schlemmer’s testing and backing confirm the quality sound and performance of the speaker. Rest assured, with this unit your tailgate will have the best tunes at the game.

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