Talk Back Mimicking Tomcat

When we were younger, we were told not to talk back to our elders, and this is one piece of advice that many a young ‘un seem to have forgotten about these days. “Talking back” is not always a bad thing though, as young children learning how to speak will always mimic those around them, which is where this $39.95 Talk Back Mimicking Tomcat comes in.
The Talk Back Mimicking Tomcat, as its name suggests, is full well capable of repeating anything said to it in a cartoonish voice. This is definitely able to elicit laughter during one of those more tense moments in life, and it gained its inspiration from a popular smartphone app. A single press of its paw will allow him to record just about anything and everything he hears, mimicking the speaker in a high-pitched voice. There are touch sensors which are located in his foot, while his belly is able to yield grunts, whines, and purrs when pressed, similar to the app, except that this is in real life. A trio of AAA batteries, and not cat food, are required to power this puppy.