Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket


Just what the entire point of this $24.99 Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket is all about? If I do not want to be reached by the world on my phone, I would jolly well turn it off. Having the Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket is self-explanatory, it makes sure that your handset receives no signal at all, and hence, you cannot be contacted. Measuring 5” x 8”, this RFID blocking pouch is said to be able to block radio frequencies up to 99.7% – helping protect your passport as well as chipped ID cards, now how about that? I guess to answer my first question, security is the name of the game here.

Those without willpower to turn off the phone or change it into airplane mode would have the Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket offer a far easier alternative, where you slip your handset into the Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket, and it is as dead as a doornail, without having you to turn it off. I guess personal data and identity protection would be its primary function here, and if it ever gets greasy, there is nothing quite like a little bit of hand washing action to get done, is there?

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Mark Says: September 4, 2012 at 11:02 am

You do realize that by pacing the phone in the bag it will begin to continually search for a cell connection at the highest power output which will drain the battery very rapidly.

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