Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Electric Toothbrush


Oh look, what do we have here? Another Dr. Who device that will definitely charm the masses. The thing is, Dr. Who deals plenty with time machines, time travel and such, so do you think it would make perfect sense for a time-travelling toothbrush to make an appearance? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you will be pleased to hear that £11.99 will net you the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Electric Toothbrush. After all, even Time Lords are able to develop tartar as well as gingivitis, hence having something as simple perfunctory as a toothbrush attachment for the Sonic Screwdriver makes plenty of sense.

Of course, you are not able to change TV channels with this puppy, but at least you know that this is an officially licensed product, and has also gained approval from dentists to boot – across many dimensions, of course. A single AA battery is all that is required to power this puppy. Would you go manual instead if you run out of juice on this?

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