Scalp Stimulating Hair Rejuvenator


We’ve seen a Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator in the past, but that model was a whole lot more expensive than the $219.95 Scalp Stimulating Hair Rejuvenator that you see here. I would say that this model is definitely not as space age as the previously mentioned device, as you will need to keep your hands occupied as you massage it through your scalp to promote healthy hair via deep-pore cleansing, whether you are in the shower or standing right in front of the bathroom mirror. I would say that in these times of economic hardship, it makes perfect sense to cut back on a few hundred dollars’ worth of expenses which could be better invested elsewhere, while you get a little bit of extra exercise for your hands.

The pulsating brushes on this waterproof Scalp Stimulating Hair Rejuvenator will help purge your scalp of oils and impurities, at the same time stimulate circulation to deliver healing nutrients to hair. It has even undergone the purview of the American Academy of Dermatology, which realized that effective cleaning of the scalp will do its part to remove oily buildup – a key factor for healthier, better-looking hair. When you use it in tandem with the included massaging brush, the device will relieve tension around the scalp, help reduce stress and mitigate the effects of headaches. Charging it offers diminishing returns however, where it takes two hours to juice it up, resulting in just a quartet of five-minute treatments. What gives?

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